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Our focus is collaboration, growth, and success.


We believe in growth through smart, strategic expansion. It’s not just about getting bigger; it’s about getting stronger, reaching further, and enhancing our market presence.

Arctic Beverages

Date Purchased: May 2014

Ownership: 16.66%

Owners: Paskwayak Limited Partnership, Athabasca Basin Development

Arctic Beverages is the only First Nations owned Pepsi franchise in Canada. Since its formation, the company has expanded to become a distributor of many products, including Frito Lay, Jack Links, Parmalat, and Nestle Ice Cream to customers throughout Northern Manitoba, Northern Saskatchewan, Northwestern Ontario, Northern BC, the Yukon, and Nunavut.


Date Purchased: August 2014

Ownership: 17.4%

Owners: Sturgeon Lake First Nation Developments LP and GGSL Holdings Ltd

Glenmor Equipment sells short-line equipment used by individuals and companies operating in the agriculture, construction, mining and forestry sectors.

Points North Group of Companies

Date Purchased: November 2009

Ownership: 17.02%

Owners: Athabasca Basin Development, Grab Holdings Ltd., and Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies

Points North Group of Companies operates out of Points North Landing Saskatchewan, acting as both a base camp for companies that have mineral interests in the area and as an expediting service for area outfitting lodges and northern communities.

Rise Air

Date Purchased: March 2002

Ownership: 25%

Owners: Athabasca Basin Development

Based in Saskatoon, Rise Air was established in 1983 to provide corporate air charter serices, and its expertise has grown to include air charter, medevac/air ambulance, scheduled flights, and more.

Synergy 5 Investments

Date Purchased: August 2018

Ownership: 25%

Owners: Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies, Athabasca Basin Development

Synergy 5 Investments owns 5Buds Cannabis, an SLGA-certified legal cannabis retailer that sources only quality, regulated products from a wide variety of Health Canada approved producers. 5Buds is 100% Saskatchewan owned, and offers a range of cannabis and cannabis accessory products for recreational cannabis customers in stores across Saskatchewan.

Western First Nations Hospitality

Date Purchased: 2004

Ownership: 39.5%

Owners: MLTC Resource Development LP, Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies

Western First Nations Hospitality is a partnership that owns and operates four Super 8 Motel properties in Prince Albert, Meadow Lake, Saskatoon, and Vermillion.